Our Certifications

Ecology Roof Systems materials are combined in various forms to create a variety of roof systems.

Fire Ratings

All of our systems are fire tested according to ASTM E-108 and have a designated fire rating. The fire rating on any specific roof system can be found in the published manuals from Underwriters Laboratories, Warnock-Hersey, State of Florida and/or Miami-Dade.

Wind Up-Lift Ratings

Wind up-lift ratings can be can be found in the published manuals from Factory Mutual, State of Florida and/or Miami-Dade.

Energy Savings/Reflectivity

Ecology Roof Systems are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Our reflective coatings and roof systems are Energy Star approved and rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council, (CRRC), for energy efficiency.


Any or all of these fire, wind uplift, or energy efficiency ratings can be obtained by contacting the Ecology Roof Systems representative in your area, by calling our Technical Services Department at (800) 553-3833 Ext. 12 or by E-Mail. They may also be obtained by contacting Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Warnock-Hersey, FM Global, State of Florida, Metro-Dade, Energy Star, or Cool Roof Rating Council directly, or they can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the links below.